20 students from Hong Kong planted fruit trees

After my very first fruit tree planting workshop, I was asked to give another one for 20 student s from Hong Kong. Of course I was very happy to say YES!

I started the workshop with my self-introduction and icebreaking.

Then we planted 10 fruit trees, 5 apple trees, 1 pear, 1 cherry, 1 peach and 2 grapes.

We had special lunch made by Kurokura villagers. Except chicken, all vegetables and rice were grown in the village. And they are served with traditional bowls.

The dessert is the seasonal fruits, peaches! White peach, yellow peach and peacherine (cross between a peach & a nectarine).

We sow the stones into biodegradable pots. I got some feedback.

“Today is my first time to plant a apple tree. It’s so interesting and natural. I enjoy.”

“I enjoy planting apple tree so much.”

“Today is very fun. It is meaningful. I hope I can plant more trees.”

“I feel the nature. I feel the heart of Matsunoyama. I feel the sound of happiness.”

(I will share more photos later.)